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I wanted to touch base with each of you and let you know how the olive grove is fairing along with fruit load this year. We had a decent amount of flowering however we also had winds during flowering time that blew most of the those blooms off. As a result we have very few olives. So few that unfortunately and my heart is broken, will not be having our normal harvest. So what that means no oil for the year. I know people look forward to giving these as gifts fo the Holidays. Because of our issues I would like to recommend some others oils and where you can purchase these. The first is Lucchetti olive oil in Sonoma. Rob says the oil should be ready by late November to early December. A 250ml bottle is 20.00 and the 500ml is 40.00. Tsarina olive oil is formally Talcott oil and they offer a 350ml bottle for 35.00. You can call Annie Trimpe at 707-252-9065. The last is Round Pond. They offer a 350ml bottle for 48.00 and an 8 ounce bottle for 38.00. Their contact is 888-302-2575. We are hoping for the best year next year. Prayers and fingers crossed. In the mean time schedule a tour. We would love to show you around.

My Best,

Beth Clark